The Importance of Self Esteem to Dating the Girl of Your Dreams

By | November 25, 2022

The way you live your life is based on your mindset. Your mindset is the reason why you say the things you say and the way you act and live the way you do. If you must make progress in life, then your mindset must be well programmed for great living.

Nothing just happens, you are the one that make things happen! STOP and read that again. If you want success at attracting the best women you can find (by best I mean best in character, intelligence, success and beauty), then you must first believe that it’s possible. Until you believe, nothing happens.

Long time ago, I mean back then while I was still in the university. One good afternoon, I and some three dudes were chilling and arguing about some stuff when we heard a lady calling for our attention. When we raised our heads to see who was calling, behold it was the most perfect sight for any man to behold.

This girl was simply HOT and Spicy like a well prepared chicken pepper soup. She was calling call girls in karachi out to anyone of us but no one in particular. So I asked the guy sitting close to me, are you the one she calling? My friend said no, no way, girls like that don’t talk to guys like me.

I asked the second and the third guy and they gave me similar response…then I said “that means I am the one she is asking for. So I walked up to her, men the closer I got to this girl the hotter she became. At this time my friends were watching from afar to see what will happen.

Before they could say jack, we had started chatting and the girl was smiling and hitting me on my arms as if I was an old lost friend. To cut a long story short, I came back to my friends with the girl’s names, phone number and a date, they couldn’t believe it.

They kept asking “what did you tell her”? Well, I didn’t tell them because back then, I was seriously guarding my killer dating tactics. Above all, I was testing a lot of them to see how effective they will work. The moral of the story is this; my three friends did not believe they could have a girl friend that is that beautiful. They did not think that a girl who is that sexy and stunning could have any interest or anything to do with them.

Like I said before it all start in the heart, you have to believe in yourself. If you say you can you can and if you say you cannot, you cannot. By the way, the girl I just talked about was actually asking for direction and as a sharp guy, I make good use of my opportunity.

Before I go, let me quickly give you some practicable advice on how you can build a healthy self esteem. Self esteem is built by adding value to your life. The fastest way to add value to your life is by adding value to other people’s life. Think about what you can do to make some else happy and better. As you do this, faith will arise within you and your self esteem will increase drastically. My names are Lemar Bloom and it was nice sharing these tips with you.

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